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Girlchan Contest!! Girlchan Contest!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fuck yeah mna your sense of humor never fails =XD

Nice job on the last episode I really dig it a lot hell I joind New Grounds just to join your contest don't know what the fuck "Metropcs" is talking about but who gives a shit there is no such thing as making everybody happy. So keep on what you doing and hell!!! Can't wait for your next episode Fuck what ever the other guy said and fuck his opinions and he better not pull that whole freedom of speech bullshit on me 'cause I don't give a fuck, Shit I'm practicing my rights right now haha!!! =XD
God Bless America!!! =:3

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Canyon Defense 2 Canyon Defense 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not many tower defense games out there that are usually worth my time, for the exception of yours of course. Great units both the players and enemy, great music and awesome game play, Love the noticeable change of difficulty totally loved it. No hardcore player or real player would ever complain about difficulty 'cause real players love putting there skills and wits to the test and your game did that beautifully.Only thing I hated about your game was that it's not long enough, cant wait for the next one great job keep it up and stay true for the real gamers and keep that challenge on.

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Robot Clashes Robot Clashes

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow very good game but...

Put a tutorial level instead of it been in the easy stage and also do a better job at describing stuff 'cause man was i confuse since I play games starting from a much higher difficulty and also do a better job at labeling or describing the attributes of stuff it took me a while to understand and get use to it. But man this was a fun game I actually played it in one sitting.I have never played a defense game like yours it was very unique and the difficulty was well balance too, I loved it, well done =:3

Tesla Death Ray Tesla Death Ray

Rated 5 / 5 stars

NIce game =:3

I love it how people that suck so bad blame it on the game hahahaha!!! Oh man that never fails sometimes it make me wonder if there even playing the same game...(sigh) Anyway great game cant wait for part 2 with more upgrades and harder difficulty other than that great start gotta love Tesla =:3